2022 Exhibition: Masked

A square graphic with a greyscale image at center. The image is abstract and appears to be fabric overlapping in different ways, creating different transparencies and shapes. Above, the word "Masked" in orange. Below, text says, "Announcing Inclusive Arts Vermont's next exhibition, exploring the theme, 'Masked," and what that means to Vermont artists with disabilities. All additional content is covered in text below.

MASKED: An exhibition of work by Vermont artists with disabilities 

Inclusive Arts Vermont invites established and emerging Vermont artists with disabilities to participate in MASKEDthe organization’s upcoming visual arts exhibition. 

Artists are asked to submit works that represent their interpretation of the theme of MASKED. The theme arose in early moments of the global pandemic, but like many words, “masked” has nuanced and layered meanings. Possibilities for interpretation could include wearing masks, masking and identity, cultural masks, and so much more. Inclusive Arts Vermont encourages artists to interpret the theme and its meaning as broadly as it takes to inspire their creativity. 

MASKED will offer participating artists opportunities to be featured in statewide publicity, build larger audiences for their work, and receive technical assistance in the professional documentation and presentation of their work.  

The exhibition will travel statewide through the 2022 calendar year. Tour sites are still in process. If you are a venue interested in showcasing the exhibition, please email exhibitions@inclusiveartsvermont.org.  

All exhibition host galleries are physically accessible and the exhibition will provide accessible program and communication features coordinated by Inclusive Arts Vermont. This includes, but is not limited to: verbal descriptions, audio tours, large print, braille, and gallery tours.   


Vermont artists with various disabilities, regardless of experience or formal training, who are at least 18 years of age or older are eligible to apply.  

Applications will be available beginning August 1, 2021. Applications will close on September 1, 2021. 

Applicants may obtain assistance with the application form from a support person, family member, or friend. Inclusive Arts Vermont staff are also available for assistance if requested. Artists should have direct involvement in the completion of an application when assistance is used, and artwork should only be produced by the applicant. 

Eligible Artwork:  

  • All media is acceptable as long as it can be hung on a wall and is less than 40 inches in length.  
  • Works of art must be completed during the past five years. 
  • Works of art must be original or numbered fine art prints in limited editions of 50 or less. 
  • The artist’s name should be visible on the front or back of the work.  
  • Artwork must arrive to the organization ready to hang – Inclusive Arts Vermont will not be responsible for framing work. 

We Cannot Accept Artwork That Is: 

  • Fragile or contains precious materials that cannot withstand handling, storage, and transportation. 
  • Free standing or cannot be hung on a wall. 
  • Not original or that suggests plagiarism. 
  • Work by artists not living in Vermont. 
  • By artists no longer living. 

For more information contact Inclusive Arts Vermont: