CYCLES (Poster (US))

A vertical rectangle with a purple background. In the bottom left in white text, “Inclusive Arts Vermont Presents: CYCLES. An exhibition of work by Vermont artists with disabilities. Traveling statewide 2024.” Emanating out from the text is a spiral of circles. The spiral comes across the bottom right of the picture, up the right side, around the top, and spirals inward into the center. Each circle is filled with an artwork from the exhibition. Artwork depictions include monarch butterflies, an abstract painting, tree roots, bison, a phoenix, colorful circles, a colorful black hole, figures diving into water, and screenprinted flowers.

Image credits: Dominick Gabrielsen, Willow Bascom, Kit Arlo, Lissa Nilsson, Eva Seyller, Karen Lloyd, Sarah Metcalf, Aurora Berger, Leah Schulz, and Jodi Whalen.