CYCLES Audio Tour

Below are the audio files for verbal descriptions of all the art included in CYCLES. The order of the audio files on each page are:

  • Short Verbal Description
  • Long Verbal Description
  • Artist Biography & Statement

Click an individual artist’s name below to listen.

Written versions of the descriptions and statements can be downloaded as well.

The list of artists is organized alphabetically by first name. When you click on the link with the artist’s name it will take you to that individual artist page which includes the image, title, and three recordings that are activated with buttons. The first is the short verbal description. The second is the long verbal description. The third is the artist statement and/or bio. A link to return to the list of artists is at the bottom of each artist page.

If the artist has more than one piece in the exhibition their name will be followed by the title of the piece.


Ashley Strobridge
Aurora Berger
Callie Coffman

Conor Cleveland
David Roy
Dominik Gabrielsen
Eva Seyller, Bleeding Heart Plant
Eva Seyller, North Dakota Bison
Gyllian Rae Svensson
Isabel Frantz
Jodi Whalen
Julien Majonen
Karen Lloyd
Kate Adams
Kathryn Peterson
Kit Arlo
Kristina Gosh
Leah Schulz
Lissa Nilsson
Michael Poss, Barn Wheel Fence
Michael Poss, Fire Dancer
Paul Betz
Persephone Ringgenberg
Sarah Metcalf
Scott Brodie
Taylor Galgay
Willow Bascom