Board of Directors

The Inclusive Arts Vermont Board of Directors is comprised of community members and meets monthly to oversee and guide the direction of the organization.

Interested in applying to be on the Board of Directors?
Contact Katie Miller, Executive Director, for an application form.

Ashley McCullough

President (October 2018 – Present)
Member (July 2017- Present)

Ashley first became connected to Inclusive Arts Vermont through volunteering at the annual BOOM community drumming event, and was excited to join the team as a board member in 2017.  Ashley graduated from UVM with a Master’s degree in Social Work and is employed as a Crisis Clinician at First Call for Chittenden County. Ashley and her wife reside in Monkton with their dog, Millie and cat, Izzy. In her free time, Ashley loves spending time outside, especially hiking and running.

Hilary Maslow

Vice President (September 2015 – Present)
Member (October 2011 – Present)

Hilary Maslow co founded The Philo Center (1997-2007), a nonprofit organization providing occupational therapy for children and adults with special needs in Shelburne, VT. She is the mother of a young-adult old son who has autism. She is happy to become an advocate for Inclusive Arts Vermont as she sees firsthand how art calms and centers her son. Hilary brings to the board the perspective of the challenges and joys of being a mother of a special needs child.

Debbie Krug

Secretary (October 2016 – Present)
Member (January 2015 – Present)

Debbie Krug is dedicated to the work of Inclusive Arts Vermont because she sees how essential it is that every person and every body can engage their creativity and confidence.  She is an artist of wood, natural items, and textiles since her teens, and she has been an adaptive sports guide with Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports since 2004. Debbie leads by organizing art gatherings, book discussions,  and beginner hockey scrimmages. She also serves on the board of the ONE Good Deed Fund in Burlington’s Old North End neighborhood.

Alex Bacon

Treasurer (March 2019 – present)
Member (August 2018 – present)

Alex, a resident of Burlington, recently joined the board in August and is excited about the future growth and impact of Inclusive Arts Vermont within the community. A graduate of Saint Lawrence University, where he majored in economics and mathematics, Alex has worked in finance for the last 10 years and hopes his background will offer a different perspective and be a unique addition to the board.

Tyler Compton

Member (December 2017 – Present)
Tyler comes to Burlington from Massachusetts. She works as an elder law attorney helping senior citizens throughout Vermont. She is excited to be a member of the Board and looks forward to helping Inclusive Arts Vermont achieve its mission.

Heidelise Corriveau

Member (July 2016 – Present)
Heidelise writes: “Without knowing it, my first experience with VSA was when my youngest sister, who has Down Syndrome, participated in the drumming program when she was in high school. It brought out her confidence and challenged her to move out of her comfort zone (she does not like loud noise). She was really proud of that experience, as she still has a picture of herself drumming on her bedroom wall to this day. I found out more about [Inclusive Arts Vermont] when I moved back to Vermont, and I realized that it is experiences like this that the organization offers, which I want to be a part of. I believe that art has the ability to help people express themselves in ways that they might not be able to in other parts of life, and I think that is beautiful. The biggest passion I have in my life is working with and being in community with people with disabilities, and I feel the most alive then. I am currently a speech and language pathologist working in a school, and a lover of gardening and all kinds of plants. I’m so happy to be back in Vermont with my husband and family.”

Ruth Gminski

Member (February 2016 – Present)
Ruth, a Burlington resident, has her Bachelor’s from Goddard College in child psychology and early childhood education, along with graduate courses in music and dance.  As Ruth told us, “I’m a retired early education specialist, having taught for 40 years. I got involved with the organization in a drum-making workshop with children and then again at the BOOM VT festival.  I also helped with the recent move to Essex Junction. I like to give my time to something that is valuable.”

Mary-Katherine Stone

Member (August 2016 – Present)
Mary-Katherine Stone first worked with the VSA via volunteering as a community artist and community partner through VSA Alabama. After graduating from graduate school and pursuing a career in occupational therapy, Mary-Katherine moved to Washington, D.C. where she resided for 3 years before making the transition to Burlington in the summer of 2016. Mary-Katherine has a passion for adapting art of all forms in order to make it more accessible and enjoyable to all.