CYCLES: 2024 Exhibition

A vertical rectangle with a purple background. In the bottom left in white text, “Inclusive Arts Vermont Presents: CYCLES. An exhibition of work by Vermont artists with disabilities. Traveling statewide 2024.” Emanating out from the text is a spiral of circles. The spiral comes across the bottom right of the picture, up the right side, around the top, and spirals inward into the center. Each circle is filled with an artwork from the exhibition. Artwork depictions include monarch butterflies, a mandala of wolves, an abstract painting, tree roots, bison, a phoenix, colorful circles, a colorful black hole, figures diving into water, and screenprinted flowers.

Image credits: Dominick Gabrielsen, Willow Bascom, Kit Arlo, Lissa Nilsson, Eva Seyller, Karen Lloyd, Sarah Metcalf, Aurora Berger, Leah Schulz, and Jodi Whalen.

CYCLES is currently on display at the All Souls Unitarian Universalist in West Brattleboro

Our 5th exhibition features the art of 25 Vermont artists with disabilities. The theme emerged from community input. The artwork expresses cycles of nature. Cycles of the body, mind, and spirit. Experiences of repetition, circular shapes, and more. The exhibition will tour the state between February 2024 and December 2024, kicking off at the University of Vermont’s Davis Center. Cycles will then travel to Montpelier, Brattleboro, St. Johnsbury, and return to Burlington.

UVM Dudley H. Davis Center from Feb. 15 – March 31.
CYCLES is presented in partnership with UVM Davis Center, UVM School of the Arts & the UVM CDCI.

The Vermont State House Cafeteria Gallery from April 1 – April 29.
CYCLES is presented in collaboration with the Vermont State Curator’s Office.

West Village Meeting House, W. Brattleboro, from May-August 2024
CYCLES is presented in collaboration with All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church

Read the CYCLES Press Release in Word format
Read the CYCLES Press Release in PDF format

Online Accessibility:

The art can be experienced remotely in the online audio tour. We invite you to sign the Digital Guest Book. There are also links to exhibition documents.

Click here to enter the CYCLES Audio Tour
Click here to enter the CYCLES Digital Guest Book
Click here for digital copies of the artist’s biographies & statements and verbal descriptions of the artwork.

Venue Accessibility:

A row of Access Symbols representing the access features of the exhibition. The symbols are black squares with white text or illustrations. From L to R: Question Mark Symbol, Physical Accessibility, Large Print, Audio Description, Access (Other Than Print or Braille) for Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision, ASL Interpretation, and Braille.

The CYCLES exhibition is more than art on the wall. Accessibility is an integral part of the show. All venues are physically accessible, and the art and artists can be experienced remotely in the online tour. There are multiple ways to interact with CYCLES!

Each of the 27 pieces in CYCLES has verbal descriptions. Tactile representations and elements accompany selected works. Materials are available in multiple formats. These include print, large print, Braille, audio tour, and digital formats. Opening receptions will have ASL and sensory items. 
Additional access requests can be made to Heidi Swevens at (802) 556-3668 or

Exhibiting Artists:
Ashley Strobridge, Aurora Berger, Callie Coffman, Conor Cleveland, David Roy,
Dominick Gabrielsen, Eva Seyller, Gyllian Rae Svensson, Isabel Frantz, Jodi Whalen,
Julien Majonen, Karen Lloyd, Kate Adams, Kathryn Peterson, Kit Arlo, Kristina Gosh
Leah Schulz, Lissa Nilsson, Michael Poss, Paul Betz, Persephone Ringgenberg, Sarah Metcalf
Scott Brodie, Taylor Galgay, and Willow Bascom.

Click here for the CYCLES Price List in Word Format
Click here for the CYCLES Price List in PDF Format

CYCLES is supported in part by the Donley Foundation, the Vermont Humanities, and the Vermont Community Foundation.

An H made up of turquoise blue and navy hues. Below that is navy blue text "Vermont Humanities"
Logo for the Vermont Community Foundation. A green circle with white buildings and a sun in the sky. Black text next to it with the organizations name.

Thank you to the CYCLES jurors!

Heidi Swevens, a disabled artist and Inclusive Arts Vermont’s Director of Community Partnerships and Exhibitions.

John Killacky, a disabled artist and previously executive director of Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, program officer for arts and culture at San Francisco Foundation, executive director of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and curator of performing arts for Walker Art Center.

Megan Bent, a disabled artist and Inclusive Arts Vermont’s Director of Communications and Digital Access.

Vera Longtoe Sheehan is a disabled artist, educator, and activist who has lectured and exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. She’s a Museum Educator at the Smithsonian: National Museum of the American Indian, the Director of the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, and the Founder of the Abenaki Arts & Education Center.