Jill Harvey

This landscape piece presents layered abstract animal-like shapes with vibrant colors. Starting in the upper left quadrant with a bright orange circular shape over a dark blue background and a teal snake with a blue eye. On top of the snake is a dark blue and teal bean-shaped creature with a darker blue eye. Under the snake is a golden yellow shape with a blue circle on the far-right side. In the lower-left quadrant is a pink circular creature with a blue eye. Using the most space on the page is a brown horse with an orange tail, hooves, and inner ear. Visible is one of the horse’s black eyes. On the horse’s backside two dark blue hook shapes connect the horse to the abstract shapes around them. In the upper right quadrant is a bright pink foundation underneath a black shape with a blue circular eye, a teal fish-shaped animal with a darker blue eye, and an orange and brown butterfly with four brown spots on its wings. Moving to the lower right quadrant an orange plant-like shape underlays dark blue and black creatures.
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