Liam Malone

A horizontal mixed media collage. At left, a pale-skinned hand pulls back a deep red theatrical curtain to show us a background of a faint image of pink, yellow, purple roses with conical white flowers, all gathered in a bouquet. This image has been painted over with the scene of the person walking. The setting of the piece is a reflection pool at a historic church in downtown Boston. The person is carrying a bag and walking on a sidewalk next to water, which flows to their left.  The shadow of their legs and the bag and one hand are visible. Overlaid over different parts of the image, it says, “The Best We Could,” and then “But this doesn’t tell the full story because they’ve bloomed to survive.” The artist’s intention with the text is for it to be read, “But this doesn’t tell the full story, because they’ve bloomed to survive the best we could.”
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